Native American Heritage Month

In the United States, November is recognized as Native American Heritage Month. During this month, citizens remember the sacrifices of Indigenous Americans and are encouraged to expand their knowledge of Native American history and culture. This page shares informative books, documentaries, and other resources on past Indigenous American leaders.

The website Native American Heritage Month hosted by the Library of Congress contains a variety of information of Native American history, culture, language, events, etc.

“Native American Heritage Month” from PBS includes multiple documentaries to binge over Native American Heritage Month.

To learn more about Native American heritage, The Archive presents “These Native American History Books Shed New Light on the Past and Present.”

“13 Important Native Americans You Didn’t Learn About in School” from BestLife.

This Insider article covers “8 of the biggest misconceptions people have about Native Americans.”

“Columbus Day Or Indigenous Peoples’ Day?” from NPR.

The New York Times presents “Everything You Learned About Thanksgiving is Wrong.”

The video above focuses on six different stories and how these individuals preserve Native cultures and traditions, ranging from their food to their feathers.

In this video from the 1973 Academy Awards, Sacheen Littlefeather “accepts” Marlon Brando’s Best Actor Oscar®.

This video explains how young people are using their social media platforms, specifically Tik Tok, to spread their Native American culture.