Racial Bias + Critical Race Theory

Critical race theory is the idea that the history of systemic racism in America should be taught to encourage unbiased attitudes in future generations. Racial bias is undeniably present within this country, yet the implementation and upkeep of critical race theory in schools will nurture the societal betterment of individuals. Thus, the resources presented on this page highlight the debate over critical race theory in classrooms.

EducationWeek answers “What Is Critical Race Theory, and Why Is It Under Attack?”

“Critical Race Theory: A Brief History” from The New York Times.

American Bar Association shares “A Lesson on Critical Race Theory.”

The Equal Justice Initiative shares the story of “Herbert Richardson,” a Vietnam War veteran, suffering from PTSD, who was executed by the State of Alabama in 1989.

Former United States Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice speaks on “Critical Race Theory Targeted in Virginia Gov. Race” while co-hosting The View.

A clip from PBS News Hour questions “Why Americans are so divided over teaching critical race theory.”