On this page, Hinduism topics are broken into four sections for easy access. The resources below focus on Hindu celebrations, such as Diwali, and the articles analyze the current conflict between Muslims and Hindus. Two of the articles also address the demographics regarding Hindus. Thus, this page is full of reliable resources to improve one’s understanding of Hindu culture and traditions.


World Population Review provides data on Hinduism in “Hindu Countries 2021.”

Modern Conflict

The Diplomat presents “The Origins of Hindu-Muslim Conflict in South Asia.”

“New Delhi Streets Turn Into Battleground, Hindus vs. Muslims” from The New York Times covers the modern religious conflict.

History and Beliefs

BBC explores the “History of Hinduism.”

BBC summarizes the Hindu celebration of Diwali, Festival of Lights, in “Diwali: What is it?”

In this entry, the World History Encyclopedia shares information on “Hinduism.”


“Muslim Persecution of Hindus In India — The Story You Won’t See In the Western Mainstream Media” from Fox News.